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Katie and Jared

Dear Birth Mother,
We believe that our family is being carefully pieced together and the child that is meant to join us will find us.  Our names are Katie (30), Jared (31) and Harper (2).  We are a young Christian family.  We thank you for taking the time to look at this scrapbook of our lives.  We know firsthand that adoption is an incredible miracle and deeply wish to grow our family by adopting.  After dating for five years, we married on a crisp fall day surrounded by friends and family.  We recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and are blessed to have a marriage that grows stronger each day.  As a couple, we enjoy going to concerts, sporting events and visiting friends. 
We live in a quiet neighborhood in a Chicago suburb filled with kids, parks and a grade school within walking distance.  After two years of marriage we felt ready to welcome a child into our family.  Our prayers were answered with the adoption of our daughter, Harper. As a family we enjoy outdoor activities like bike rides, long hikes through local parks and traveling.  Love for music is something we all have in common.  Music is always playing in our house, with us dancing along.  
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Meet Katie
Katie grew up in a suburb of Chicago and worked as a Veterinary Nurse before becoming a stay at home mom when our daughter was born. She looks forward to continue to stay at home when our second child joins our family.
Katie’s parents, brother and most of her extended family live in the area.  She shares a love of sports and outdoor adventure with her dad, and a love of crafts, scrap-booking and cooking with her mom.  She is close with her brother, and they enjoy going to sporting events, concerts and hanging with Harper.  Her parents, known to Harper as “Nana” and “Papa”, play such an important role in Harper’s life.  Katie’s family is beyond excited to welcome a second baby!
Katie organizes a playgroup with other adopted families.   She believes that it is important for Harper to be surrounded with other kids who were adopted and who share her adoption story.  We want our children to honor their adoption and their birth families just as we do.
Meet Jared
Jared grew up in central Illinois with his parents and sister.  While in school he played soccer, baseball and hockey.  Another passion is music, and he has played the guitar for many years.   Jared was active in the church youth group and service projects through school.  He is the Accounting Supervisor for a large manufacturing company.  
Jared’s parents only live a few hours away and we see them frequently.  Harper loves spending time with Jared’s parents, known to her as “GiGi” and “Papa”.  Jared is close to both of his parents and speaks to them often.  His sister lives nearby with her husband and their two year old daughter.  His extended family share holidays together as well as other gatherings throughout the year.  Everyone is very supportive and excited about our adoption, and is anxiously waiting our newest family member.
Meet Harper
Harper is a sweet, adventurous, spunky toddler who enjoys swimming, dancing, gymnastics and singing!  It is such a joy to watch her take in her environment and learn, explore and grow.  She can spend hours playing in the backyard with her sand box, slide, or doing a creative project outside. Harper keeps us on our toes and our hearts full of joy. We will be forever grateful that Harper’s birth parents welcomed us into their lives and chose us as her adoptive parents.  Just as we promised them, we shower her with love and cherish her each and every day.
Jared Speaks about Katie
Katie is the strength of our family, and has faith that things will be as they are meant to, even when it seems impossible.  It is incredible to watch her with our daughter.  They shine when they are together.  She finds a way to involve Harper in everything she is doing, even if that means taking more time to do it, because she knows how much Harper adores being mommy’s little helper and Katie treasures it too.  I love to watch the two of them snuggle while reading books, giggle while learning animal sounds or getting messy with an art project.  It is amazing to see Harper learn something new every day because Katie constantly introduces her to new experiences.  
Aside from being an amazing mom, Katie is a person who cares by nature and is passionate about her family and her friends.  She is our family’s loudest supporter, the best tea party guest and will be the mom who opens our house to all of our children’s friends.  She will continue to dedicate every part of herself to being an amazing mom and wife as we grow our family.
Katie Speaks About Jared
Jared’s calm, loving nature is what first drew me to him and I still cherish that about him.  Those qualities make him a wonderful husband and father.  No matter what life throws at us he is there to show me the positive side.  He inspires me to be a better person, and he is the best father to our sweet girl.
My love for Jared only grew stronger seeing him as a father.  He can make Harper laugh in this incredible way that only he can do.  She beams with joy when he is on the floor playing.  He is the creator of silly games, the hands that save her from falls, and her nightly story reader.  We have spent many hours dreaming of the moment we meet our second child and the path that will lead us together.  In those moments especially I can see how excited he is to add another child to our family.
Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents.  Just as we love and cherish our daughter, we promise to provide the same to your child.  We respect and admire you and would be honored if we got the chance to get to know you. You may contact us directly at katieandjaredACFB@gmail.com.  If you prefer, you may contact our adoption counselor, Maggie at 800-869-1005, send her a text message at 847-366-6343 or email at maggie@centerforfamily.com.
With Sincere Admiration,
Katie, Jared & Harper 

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